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Artist Statement

I paint acrylic on wood starting with marks, texture and floods creating random effects.  My next steps develop structure by alternating additive and reductive responses, through echoing color, movement, and figure/ground shifts. My finish balances random and structured elements into a cohesive harmonious statement.  This balance of things random and controlled acts as metaphor for how we encounter life.

Aesthetically I subscribe to Rembrandt’s pursuit of the viewer as a partner. He used implied line and other visual devices to engage the viewer in a assembling images.  My paintings address this partnership through the give and take between random and structured effects.

 My goal is to express a working together

 that generates a sum greater than the parts, a Gestalt offering visual connection and partnership,

an interaction with the viewer completing the painting.

 My paintings succeed when they offer this connection,

a balance of density and breadth and, with each encounter,  a feeling both familiar and giving fresh and new discovery.  

Professionally, I’ve invested in two pursuits.  As an educator,  teaching Art in the Rockford IL Public Schools, Art History at Sauk Valley Community College and Art  

                                                                         Education at Rockford University. I earned a BA in Art Ed, and later a Masters degree in Drawing from Northern Illinois University.  I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy affiliations with groups of artists as a partner in Rockford’s Gallery Ten, Prairie Street Gallery  and most recently, Rockford IL based Art Matters.