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More recently & pleasantly, at an Oconomowoc WI show a woman viewed my booth.  She looked at all of my paintings, smiled & said “So much energy & so calming at the same time.”  I think she really got it.  I smiled too!

Last year, at a Lake Forest IL show a woman studied each painting in my booth. Then she did it again, very carefully viewing each piece, a second time.  As she left my booth, she paused, turned and said “So many lives lived.”

I think she saw, felt and appreciated the journey and discovery I find in the studio creating each painting.  



I’ve received varied & unique responses to my artwork.

A few years ago at an outdoor art show in

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA, a young man with long dark hair, looking very much as

 I would imagine Rasputin came into my booth.

He clenched his jaw, then his fists,

 amped up, repeated these sets 3 or 4 times.

With each set came an intense look, back & forth,

at me and my artwork, then he said

“This is Perspectivism!!”  The clenched his teeth

And fists one last time  and said

“You stole it from Picasso!” he spun and left.